VIDEO: Terraphilia Artist Residency Hosts Jill Powers

Terraphilia n. An intrinsic affection for and connection to the Earth and its community of lives. Without this connection we are lonely, lacking, no longer whole.

Salida, Colorado writer and educator Susan J. Tweit founded the Terraphilia Artist Residency with her late husband, sculptor Richard Cabe — and together coined the word “terraphilia” to describe what motivated their work and their lives.  The program was originally a collaboration with the Colorado Art Ranch, but last year, Ms. Tweit arranged with nonprofit arts organization Salida ArtWorks to co-host the residency program.  The program is partially supported by art grants.

Earlier this month, the Terraphilia Artist Residency hosted environmental artist Jill Powers, who “gave back to the community” by making presentations to Salida HIgh School art students about her recent “Bark Beetle Forest” installation at the Firehouse Gallery in Longmont, Colorado.

Here’s a short video filmed during Ms. Powers’ artist residency in Salida. (To remove commercial ad box, click the “X”)

From Susan Tweit’s “Terraphilia” web page:

We like to think we are above belonging to the messy stew of wild relationships that birthed Homo sapiens. But that community is part of who we are, from the myriad microorganisms that help our bodies function to the plants that respire in tandem with our breaths, exhaling the oxygen we breathe in and absorbing the carbon dioxide we exhale.

We may have forgotten nature, but the community of the land has not forgotten us.

Every day, the other species around us go about their lives in our company. It’s often no harder to get to know them than it is our human neighbors, and it’s just as enlightening. Better still, it weaves us into the fabric of nature, and brings us home.

Bill Hudson

Bill Hudson spent a pleasant 18 months living in downtown Salida, during which time he did his best to understand the inhabitants and their motivations. He then escaped back to Pagosa Springs to resume his work at