Salida Council for Arts Benefactor of Madison House $1 per Ticket Donation

Madison House Presents will donate $1 per ticket sold for the Gentlemen of the Road Salida Stopover – a total of more than $15,000 – to Salida Council for the Arts.

“The Salida Council for the Arts is thrilled to be the recipient of the $1 per ticket donation so generously offered by Madison House Presents and Gentlemen of the Road,” Lisa Marvel, council president, said in a press release.

“We are grateful to the city council and staff for their confidence in us to dedicate the revenue to public art and other projects that will further enrich and enhance our community.”

Salida city officials recommended the arts council for the donation. “Salida appreciates Gentlemen of the Road contributing to Salida nonprofits and supporting local artists and programs,” City Administrator Dara MacDonald said in the release. “Along with the pedestrian bridge, this contribution will have a positive lasting effect on the community.”

The Salida Council for the Arts states its mission is “to enrich the cultural life of our community by nurturing and supporting excellence in the arts; to increase the community’s awareness of and appreciation for the arts; to promote and encourage arts education; and to serve as liaison between the arts, businesses, government and educational institutions.”

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