OPINION: Hooked on Greg Felt for County Commissioner

Greg Felt is running for Chaffee County Commissioner.

Angler Greg Felt of ArkAnglers fly fishes the Arkansas River near Salida, Colo. during a caddis hatch on Thursday, May 7, 2009. (CCVB Photo/Nathan Bilow)

County Commissioner Candidate and Angler Greg Felt of ArkAnglers fly fishes the Arkansas River near Salida, Colo. during a caddis hatch. (CCVB Photo/Nathan Bilow)

Like many others, I first met Greg Felt not in person, but through his weekly Mountain Mail column “The Fishing Report”. I’m not a fisherman, although I fished as a child and young adult during family vacations.

It wasn’t the title that attracted me to Greg’s column. It was an accidental glimpse at the first paragraph that set the hook. I discovered that “The Fishing Report” was not as much about fishing as it was about the philosophy of life. It was good, honest writing, and revealed the integrity of Greg’s character. When Greg’s column made me think, or reflect, or laugh out loud, it was especially good. On those occasions, I would sometimes write Greg an appreciative email. He would thank me for the feedback, and often inject humor into his response. I’d laugh.

Something else I liked about Greg Felt’s writing was the way he spoke of his wife in many of his essays. I didn’t know Susan’s name at the time, because Greg never wrote her name. But he wrote in a way that showed great admiration and respect for his wife, and that revealed a solid relationship between equal partners. That’s important to me.

I finally met Greg in person when I did my own survey of Highway 50 businesses regarding the City’s proposal to restripe the highway for new bike lanes. Greg’s forthrightness in answering my questions was downright refreshing. He had concerns about the installation of the bike lanes and was not afraid to express them. He was right.

Greg Felt is a successful businessman and volunteer. He’s an intelligent, independent thinker, and thoughtful decision-maker. I know first hand that he’s a good listener and easy to talk with. I always feel comfortable discussing issues with Greg, and through our discussions we’ve become friends.

Greg is a leader, not a follower. He’s by nature an honest man. He’s lived his life not by happenstance, but by carefully crafting his place in life and in the community. We are blessed that Greg Felt is now committed to serve Chaffee County as commissioner. The knowledge and skills and experience Greg has honed over his lifetime will serve our county and municipal residents well.

If you’d like to learn more about Greg, please visit his website, www.ElectGregFelt.com.
And, if you’ve missed reading “The Fishing Report”, as I have, I’m delighted to inform you that it has been resurrected under the “About Greg” tab on his campaign website. Each Tuesday will bring readers either a new or archived “Fishing Report”.

So you see, we can have Greg Felt for commissioner, and “The Fishing Report”, too.

Vote Greg Felt for Chaffee County Commissioner.

Cynda Green

Cynda Green is an investigative reporter who enjoys writing about various and sundry topics, least of which is politics. But someone has to do it. Contact: cyndagreen@gmail.com