PHOTO ESSAY: The Amazing African Children’s Choir

I was fortunate to first interview the children in the African Children’s Choir, and then to see their performance at the Living Waters Church in Salida last Sunday. My expectations were high, but the performance far exceeded them.


From now on, I will refer to the children as “the performers”, because they performed magnificently.  They sang in three-part harmony, and it was beautiful.  They danced with high energy abandon.  Their choreography fluidly transitioned between high energy and a cappella.

And they were never out of breath.  Amazing.

The performers of the African Children’s Choir were convincing actors as well.  They each had poise and stage presence that even Shirley Temple would be envious of.   So seasoned, yet so young (eight to ten years old).

At the end of their performance, they each introduced themselves by first name, and said, “When I grow I up I want to be…. a doctor, a police man, a fire man, a physician, a teacher, a hair dresser…” and so on.  One of the girls said, “Now I know you have fallen in love with us and want to take us home with you and adopt us.” (She was right.)  “But we are here to return to our homeland and make it a better place.”

They will.









Cynda Green

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