Correction to the May 11 Mountain Mail Front Page Articles on RB Gravel Pit

Below is a graphic that appeared with the  front page articles in the Mountain Mail,  written by the Mail reporter that covers county government.   This graphic is part of the Staff Report on the Holman/ACA Major Impact Review requesting a permit for the proposed  RB Gravel Pit.  I used this graphic in Gravel Pit Wars as well.

The caption for this front-page graphic in the Mountain Mail:

Shown in this aerial view, the proposed 27.76-acre RB Gravel Pit sits entirely on Holman Ranch property, west of the Holman home and the 3-acre parcel contained within the ranch perimeter, which Devonna Faith recently sold. Weldon Creek Estates subdivision is northwest of the ranch and not visible in this aerial frame.

Correction: The same graphic with an added lime green overlay shows that Weldon Creek Subdivision is adjacent to the proposed RB Gravel Pit operation, and most certainly visible in this aerial frame.

I have issues with other statements in the Mountain Mail front page articles, but not the time to deal with them.

Cynda Green

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