PHOTO ESSAY: Broadway Meets the West at Pagosa’s Parelli Ranch

Originally published in Pagosa Daily Post.

Imagine being a young professional actor from NYC who just arrived in the rural Colorado Town of Pagosa Springs to act in Thingamajig Theatre’s summer musical repertoire season featuring Aida, Hair Spray, Big River, and Sister Act.

The lively Friends of Thingamajig Theatre throw a party for you and your fellow cast and crew at the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Ranch, outside Pagosa Springs.

The afternoon thunderstorms have subsided.

To get to the party venue, the partiers must negotiate multiple dozens of free range cattle who consider the road part of their pasture. And it is. (I am upset that I did not photograph this, but there were so many vehicles behind me, and no pull-offs. So visualize a stack of vehicles patiently waiting for the cattle, not in any rush, to cross the road.)

Then, there were Parelli students on horseback, situated every few hundred feet or so, stationed along the roadside, waving to us, greeting and welcoming us. They added a pageant feel – a red carpet feel – and we felt grand entering the venue.

This isn’t NYC.

We were ushered to the Parelli stables for sign-in, and a pat for the Parelli horses.

On to the semi-enclosed arena, where the bar, western buffet, tables, and entertainment by Tim Sullivan prevailed.

I was fortunate to sit at the same table as these lovely actresses.

While we enjoyed our cowboy buffet and libations, we were treated to Parelli Natural Horsemanship demos…

…with invited interloping by actors…

Artistic Director Tim Moore announces the new cast, while Laura and Finlay Moore look on…

Isn’t this fun?  Yes it is!


Three Stars smile upon the Parelli Ranch…

Tim Sullivan moved from the stage to the campfire, to lead campfire songs.  

The event had a beachy feeling…. campfire, sand under our feet, beautiful view… This is where Country met Broadway: Tim Sullivan and the Summer Musical Repertoire Cast.

There were wonderful duets…

It was great fun for all…

The evening winds down with a Company photo…

Happy trails until we meet again… soon.

Cynda Green

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