City Administrator Finalist Larry Lorentzen in Demand

What a coinkydink! Larry Lorentzen is one of four finalists for Pagosa Town manager, and as of last Tuesday is being offered the position of City administrator for the City of Salida.

Let me explain.

Mr. Lorentzen was the runner-up finalist last January when the City of Salida did an extensive eight month search for city administrator. The final choice, Guy Patterson, recently turned in his resignation effective August 4, after just four months as City administrator. He gave no reason.

So last Tuesday the Salida City Council voted to offer the position to runner-up Larry Lorentzen in lieu of embarking on a new search for City administrator.

If Mr. Lorentzen is offered the Pagosa Town manager, who will offer him the most attractive package? Salida or Pagosa? What sort of challenges is Mr. Lorentzen willing to take on?

Good luck to all parties involved.

Cynda Green

Cynda Green is an investigative reporter who enjoys writing about various and sundry topics, least of which is politics. But someone has to do it. Contact: